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Tuesday 6th September 2011, 04:07 Central Time

Sampling for Brazilian Rei melons

Brazilian exporter Itaueira has hatched a plan to drive sales of its Rei-branded melons on the North American market

Sampling for Brazilian Rei melons

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Brazilian melon supplier Itaueira is rolling out a consumer and trade marketing campaign designed to raise the awareness of its Rei-branded Canary Yellow melons in North America.

Given that the variety is not well known among North American consumers, the group plans to organise sampling activities in supermarket chains across the region to help boost sales.

“It is almost impossible for a consumer to taste our melon and decide not to bring one home to share with all the family,” explained Itaueira’s export manager Adriana Prado.

“It is common to see someone tasting a sample for the first time and them asking for another piece, or coming again and again, trying to taste it one more time, and, most of the times asking to show the fruit to someone else.”

The initiative was inspired after Itaueira received an email from a consumer in the US, who claimed she enjoyed the company's Canary Yellow melon variety so much that she recommended the fruit to her friends.

“The Canary Melon is the most delicious melon I think I’ve ever tasted in my entire life,” explained Becki Kiss from Philadelphia.

“My friends have recently started buying these melons as well because they are as amazing as the label on them boasts.”

Itaueira is a family-owned company from Fortaleza, Ceará, and has focused on growing top-quality fruit since 1983 in the Brazilian states of Piauí, Ceará and Bahia.

The company is so proud of its top-quality fruit that it sells the melons with the brand name Rei (which means King in Portuguese) and under the slogan of “I am delicious” on every sticker.

Itaueira will also serve Yellow Canary melons samples from its booth (457) during the PMA Fresh Summit trade show in Atlanta on 15-17 October.

“Fresh Summit attendees will be able to see for themselves why so many people are paying more attention to flavor instead of cosmetic appearance, when they are looking for something to eat,” Ms Prado said.

Itaueira exports melons to the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The group operates a local office in Miami, under the name Crown International USA, which takes care of all the company’s commercial trade and logistics for the US and Canada.

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Old Comments
  • I bougjt last week at store had no idea what it was . Today decide to cut it open and taste Omg it was amazing and my daughter dosent eat nothing but watermelon well she loved it!!!!

  • This melon is easily the best I have ever tasted and you can serve it the day it's purchased.

    Anita Fial
  • I just got one of these melons and I'll have to say that I'm not impressed - basically looks like a honeydew (inside) and tastes like a cantaloupe

  • I love them. I buy at least two every time I get them which is a couple times a week. However the only place I have been able to get them is Sam's Club. I live in Michigan and would live to know any other location also are they our of season now. I have been to 3 Sam's Club and haven't found them. I took a picture of the boxes and fruit so I can already remember what they are called so I can always look it up.

  • I was buying these at Sam's and suddenly they stopped carrying them. Where can I get them?


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