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Gill McShane


Monday 5th December 2011, 08:55 Central Time

Solid season for Peruvian asparagus

A consistent volume of quality, fresh Peruvian asparagus is anticipated in the US through the end of the year

Solid season for Peruvian asparagus

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The Peruvian asparagus export season is progressing well with sendings already reaching 85 per cent of the year’s total volume.

“2011 has brought many new opportunities, ideas and avenues for both imports and exports,” said Priscilla Lleras, coordinator of the Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association (PAIA) in the US, in a press release.

According to USDA figures, the US market has already seen an increase in asparagus arrivals from Peru in September, compared with September 2010.

“The industry acknowledges Mexico for coming in with strong volumes within the last few months, and the partnering of both Peru and Mexico importers with US retailers enables supermarkets across the nation to stock fresh asparagus on retailer shelves and provide US consumers with ample supply of this highly nutritious vegetable,” added Lleras.

Peruvian asparagus shippers now have even more opportunities to tap into the North American market thanks to a new USDA protocol to allow non-treated asparagus to transit through the US on the way to Canada.

“This will significantly increase the shelf-life of fresh asparagus, while helping to keep the overall logistics cost down,”  explained Walter Yager, PAIA co-chairman for the US East Coast and CEO of Alpine Fresh.

PAIA members expect a consistent volume of quality Peruvian asparagus through the end of the year with steady, production and solid returns by providing volume and value for US consumers. 

Additionally, US importers are working with their retailers on synergies to boost holiday promotions and sales for Peruvian asparagus at store levels. 

The association will also continue to promote the nutritional benefits that Peruvian asparagus brings to the consumers tables.

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