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Thursday 16th February 2012, 03:59 Central Time

Pre-peeled white asparagus introduced in US

Gourmet Trading Company introduces bagged product for both retailers and foodservice operators

Pre-peeled white asparagus introduced in US

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Gourmet Trading Company, the leading supplier of fresh asparagus in North America, has introduced a new product to the asparagus category.

Peeled White Asparagus comes bagged and pre-peeled, offering retailers and foodservice operators lower shrink and longer shelf-life, and giving consumers and chefs a premium vegetable with added convenience.

Gourmet Trading Company is offering the Peeled white Asparagus in 12oz and 1.5lb bags, which it hopes will appeal to both retailers and foodservice operators alike.

"It’s exciting to roll out a new product that truly is a valuable extension of the asparagus category," said marketing director, Julia Inestroza. "We feel that this product has the capability to revolutionise the subset of the white asparagus category due to the fact that it takes all the guess work out of white asparagus for the consumer or chef. Now, people can 100 per cent use white asparagus just as they do the green."

Sales manager Brian Miller called the product a 'game-changer' for the white asparagus category.

"Now people can reach for our peeled white asparagus when they need a fast and easy side dish," he noted. "It’s not just for the gourmet chef anymore."

9oz, 1lb and 1.5lb bags will be available mid-February in a limited quantity, the group said, with a full roll-out of the new product arriving just in time for Easter.

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