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Tuesday 30th September 2008, 06:34 Central Time

Colorama unveils new generation of labels

The Chilean company says ensuring produce is properly labelled will be essential when COOL requirements come into force in the US

Colorama unveils new generation of labels

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Chilean graphic company Colorama has developed new labels designed to help North American companies with the implementation of new Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) requirements.

The company says the reliability of the labels has been improved meaning they are more likely to stay in place during transportation.

“We have been called on numerous times to help fix problems caused by lesser-quality labels which look great when they leave Chile but don’t’ perform under the circumstances presented by fresh produce shipping,” said Francisco Langlois, Colorama’s general manager. “In many countries, this becomes a major financial issue since receivers will not accept the product if it is not properly labelled.”

Mr Langlois said the impending implementation of COOL regulations meant it was essential for shippers to be able to rely on cost-effective labelling that would make it all the way through the chain.

“If the investment in labelling is made in the shipping country, but then some product has to be re-labelled at receiving point, either the shipper or receiver pays double,” he noted. “Fresh fruit logistics are extremely important tin assuring fruit from the Southern Cone arrives in perfect condition to the market. However, also crucial is for importers, distributors and retailers of Chilean fresh fruit to be sure the fruit will have reliable and durable labels, meeting not only the requirements of authorities but also their customers’ needs.”

Colorama labels are guaranteed from six months to one year, depending on transportation and environment conditions. The company counts Walmart and UK retailer Asda amongst its customer, as well as Unifrutti, Subsole, David del Curto, Exportadora Río Blanco, amongst others.


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