Ready Pac answers kale calling


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Carl Collen


Ready Pac answers kale calling

Group introduces new Baby Kale European Salad Blend to help boost customers' nutrient profile

Ready Pac answers kale calling

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Ready Pac has announced that it is embracing a product that many consumers have previously dismissed as a niche, faddy superfood product – kale.

"Last year, we watched as the entire country took one look at kale and winced with skepticism. Many were so intimidated by the emergence of this unfamiliar superfood, they vowed to let the trend quietly fizzle and fade away," the group said in a statement. "Kale spent the next year securing its staying-power through versatility, incorporating itself into everyday meal recipes – even finding its way into our favorite snacking items, from crispy seasoned chips to fresh pressed juices. Before long, Kale succeeded in the transition from niche to mainstream."

As a result, the group has announced that it has welcomed the resilient product into its portfolio of fresh-cut solutions with the release of the Ready Pac Baby Kale European Salad Blend.
"Consumers just can’t get enough, and more are incorporating it into their everyday meals than ever before – up 250 per cent in dollar sales since last year," the group explained. "According to International Dairy, Deli & Bakery Association’s 2013 issue of What’s In Store, 78 per cent of consumers say nutrient-dense foods like kale have a meaningful impact on their health, and 76 per cent say health benefits are the reason to eat them more often."
For shoppers looking for a ‘gateway’ Kale offering that doesn’t require a manual, they’ll find it with Ready Pac’s Baby Kale European Salad Blend, offering a nutrient-dense bagged blend that is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Protein.

“The Baby Kale European Salad Blend is a perfect fit for  Ready Pac consumers who are ready to ‘up their game’ with superfoods, but need a little help navigating their options” added Tristan Simpson, vice-president of corporate communications at Ready Pac. “At Ready Pac, we view Kale the same way as we view our brand; complex and deeply nutritious…yet incredibly adaptable. We’re excited to see this product pique the interest of curious, health-driven consumers everywhere."

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