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Produce centre makes major savings

FGL claims using its Florida-based perishables centre can save thousands of dollars per container

Produce centre makes major savings

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Flagler Global Logistics (FGL) has published the results of a study commissioned by the company to show the impact of its USDA-certified cold chain treatment centre in Miami on the US fresh produce supply chain.

A majority of perishable imports from South America used to land in ports in the north of the US just to come back down to Florida but FGL claims that calling at FGL’s South Florida Logistics Centre (SFLC) instead can save approximately US$3,500 per container from the extra truck haul and shave seven days off the supply chain.

“Various industry reports cite that US$35bn of perishable foods are wasted annually, with nearly half of those losses due to temperature changes experienced in-transit between the grower and the grocer,” the company said. “FGL’s patented treatment keeps perishables at a consistently lower controlled temperature by introducing cooling agents after fumigation in the same facility, resulting in only 1 per cent quality loss and extending shelf-life by a week compared to traditional methods.”

It is a year since the SFLC, located adjacent to Miami International Airport, opened for business. The facility offers a full suite of supply chain management services, including its USDA-approved revolutionary treatment process for fruits, vegetables and other perishable items. With connectivity to Port Miami and Port Everglades, the intermodal logistics hub is a new entry point for products coming from Latin America and beyond.

FGL president Chris Scott said the centre has already secured key trades from South American growers. “Using the centre can help them get their produce to market faster and fresher, in large part thanks to our geographic proximity and the centre’s patented cold chain treatment process,” he stated.



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