Uruguayan apples suffer hail damage


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Kathy Hammond


Uruguayan apples suffer hail damage

Volumes could fall after storm impacted on production, predominantly in the south of the country

Uruguayan apples suffer hail damage

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The Uruguayan apple crop is likely to be down on last season following a hailstorm on 24 January.

The storm affected production that was on the point of being harvested predominantly in the south of country.

As a result output is now estimated to be down by some 20,000 tonnes, approximately 10-20 per cent below 2012 figures. Before the hail, which has cost some growers their entire crop, the harvest in the South American country was expected to reach 60,000 tonnes.

There are now concerns that badly damaged trees will produce lower yields than average over the next four seasons. Meanwhile, many growers are worried that lacking income from having no fruit to sell this season, they will not be able to afford the necessary inputs to restore the health of their orchards.


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