Peru “should focus on Asia”


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Peru “should focus on Asia”

Asian markets offer better opportunities for high-quality Peruvian products when it comes to profit, says Sierra Exportadora

Peru “should focus on Asia”

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Asian consumers are willing to pay up to 40 per cent more for high quality Peruvian products than those in other markets, according to the president of the government-run Sierra Exportadora programme.

Speaking to the Andina news agency, Alfonso Velasquez said fresh, value added, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables have proved very popular and singled out mangoes and avocados as showing excellent growth potential, particularly in South Korea and China.

“We, Peruvian entrepreneurs, are discovering that the Asian market offers better opportunities and higher returns,” he said. “The Asian continent is willing to pay premium prices for high quality products so our production should be directed to its markets.”

Velasquez also suggested asparagus, blueberries and organic raspberries had the potential to do well.


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