Rijk Zwaan hosts melon event


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Rijk Zwaan hosts melon event

Dutch seed company looked at the future of melons and watermelons during a two-day Spanish event

Rijk Zwaan hosts melon event

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On 8-9 July, Rijk Zwaan organised an hosted a global melon and watermelon event in Spain, focusing on international trends and how to fulfil the requirements of the whole food chain.

Traders, retailers and dealers from 12 different countries in Europe, South America and Africa met at the Rijk Zwaan demo field in Cartagena, and attended a conference at the local Chamber of Commerce. The event helped customers find melons and watermelons with the all-year-round quality that they desired, according to Rijk Zwaan.

Rijk Zwaan crop coordinators Diego Maestre and David Herzog gave presentations about concepts for melon and watermelon, and how they can contribute to meeting consumer expectations.

Marketing specialist Vincent van Wolferen, meanwhile, paid special attention to the fresh cut market, which is developing strongly in the UK, US, Spain and many other countries.

“This year we welcomed a high number of processing companies who participated in the discussion about varietal development," he explained. "Their input was very valuable for the Rijk Zwaan breeders who were also present.”

The seminar also included a presentation by Celedonio Buendía, general manager of producer and trading company Procomel, who shared his vision of the future of the market.

"Customer reactions to the event were very positive," the group outlined. "Visitors particularly appreciated the networking opportunities and were pleased to see their belief in the great sales potential of melon and watermelon confirmed."

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