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US opens up to Egyptian strawberries

The US department of agriculture has announced that strawberries from Egypt will now be granted access

US opens up to Egyptian strawberries

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Egyptian strawberry exporters have been given the all-clear by the US department of agriculture to send their fruit to the US.

The announcement from US ambassador Anne W Patterson is likely to further stimulate production in Egypt, which already stands as the fourth largest strawberry producer in the world.

“We are committed to continuing to work with the Egyptian authorities to increase market opportunities for Egyptian exports,” said Patterson. “Increasing trade between our two countries is a key component of boosting employment and economic growth in Egypt.”

Egypt's strawberry production is valued at almost US$330m a year, with most exports traditionally heading to the EU and Gulf markets, but the opening of this new market is welcome news for exporters.

Heike Hagenguth, business development manager for Cairo-based Pico Modern Agriculture, said the only shame was the timing of the decision.

"Unfortunately, this has happened towards the end of the current season," she told Eurofruit, "but it is a great chance for next season, and we have to start preparing for it now. We are already in contact with an importer on the East Coast that wants to receive our strawberries, so we are in discussions about a supply programme to the supermarkets for next season."

According to Hagenguth, logistics will need to be carefully planned, since direct flights from Egypt to the US include only a few destinations.

"Transshipments will be needed, depending on the destination," she said, "and airfreight is more expensive than to Europe, so the whole exercise must remain feasible. Packing materials are also different in terms of punnet and carton sizes, so all this needs to be planned for the coming season."

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  • I believe the best way even thier is a large market for frozen Strawberry in the US market and sea fright will be much cheaper than the airfreight which will make the product reach the consumer in a very cheap price

    Abouemira Ezzeldin
  • Where to buy Egyptian's strawberry in the U.S.?

    Charlotte Sowels
  • I think there is a good chance for frozen Strawberry market in the us

    Alfafrost SAE

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