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Carl Collen


Beyoncé invests in watermelon drink

Artist invests undisclosed sum in cold-pressed watermelon drink company Wtrmln Wtr

Global superstar Beyoncé has revealed that she has made an investment in New York-based cold-pressed watermelon drink brand Wtrmln Wtr.

The product, which is cold-pressed and made up of watermelon flesh, rind and organic lemon with no added sugar, boasts a 45-day shelf life and is high in nutrients such as potassium and lycopene.

According to the singer, the brand fits in with her overall goal of bringing wellness to the world.

"I invested in Wtrmln Wtr because its the future of clean, natural hydration; as partners, we share a simple mission to deliver accessible wellness to the world," said Beyonce in a statement. "This is more than an investment in a brand, it's an investment in female leaders, fitness, American farmers, and the health of people and our planet."

The group's co-founder and creative director Jody Levy told Fortune that she had conversed with Beyoncé about a year ago about investing in companies that are "mission driven and connected to people", although Levy would not disclose to the publication the size of the artist's investment in the group.


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