Export programmes a win for USA Pears


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Gabrielle Easter



Export programmes a win for USA Pears

A cost-benefit analysis of Pear Bureau Northwest's USA Pears export promotions has shown the importance of the programme to pear growers

Export programmes a win for USA Pears

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Non-profit marketing organisation Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) has released the results from an economic impact study into its USA Pear export programmes.

The in-depth study analysed the cost-benefit ratio for the PBNW’s leading export markets and looked at the impact the pear promotions had on the US farm sector.

The study found that one extra dollar invested in the PBNW’s export promotional programmes would return an additional A$2.25 in profits to pear growers in the short-term, and A$2.23 in the long run.

It also found that a 10 per cent increase in export promotion budgets would see a 0.45 per cent increase in exports.

In terms of its impact on the US pear farming sector, the study found 240 additional jobs were created during the 2014/15 season, generating US$9.6m in additional labour income, with Northwest pear production 26.1m pounds (11.84 kg) higher due to export promotions.

PBNW’s export programmes are funded by grants from the USDA’s Market Access Program.

The study was conducted by Harry Kaiser of Cornell, Timothy Richards of Arizona State and Roman Keeney of Purdue University.


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