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Carl Collen


Tuesday 27th June 2017, 03:28 Central Time

Kalettes launches digital campaign

New digital marketing strategy in the southeast region of the US looks to generate more brand awareness

Kalettes launches digital campaign

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Kalettes has announced that it is targeting consumers in the southeastern US with a comprehensive digital advertising strategy to build greater brand awareness.

Highly targeted ads on Facebook will combine with public relations, eye catching social media posts and social influencer content to create a layering effect to reach consumers through multiple touchpoints at once.

“Kalettes are gaining so much traction across the country and, we are incredibly happy with the initial response we have gotten from consumers,” said Kraig Kuykendall, sales manager of Tozer Seeds America, the company behind Kalettes. “Our goal is to connect with consumers and demonstrate what an incredible new product we have to offer and how versatile it truly is.”

Kalettes are the product of more than a decade of research by Tozer Seeds, the largest family-owned vegetable breeding company in England, and were developed by cross-pollinating Brussels sprouts with kale through traditional methods.

Tozer Seeds has exclusive marketing agreements with select companies to grow and market Kalettes to create a consistent name and brand identity, which would allow consumers to easily recognise the vegetable.

The companies who have entered into the marketing agreement with Tozer for Kalettes are 4Earth Farms, Classic Salads and Ocean Mist Farms. As part of the agreement, Kalettes seeds are sold by Johnny’s Selected Seeds to small farmers and home growers.

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