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Grupo Éxito drives home sustainability message

Retailer highlights importance of direct purchasing in supporting Colombian producers

Grupo Éxito drives home sustainability message

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Grupo Éxito, Colombia’s biggest retailer, bought more than 170,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables from around 670 small and medium-sized producers.

This means that 82 per cent of its produce was purchased directly from national growers, the retailer said.

The announcement came as Colombia celebrated the Day of the Farm Worker, where different companies in the agricultural sector highlight the work done to support producers.

Grupo Éxito’s president, Carlos Mario Giraldo, said: “Sustainability is the key building a better country together.

“We are convinced of the importance of having sustainable trade, that is why we promote the local and direct purchase of produce and accompany our suppliers in their development.”

With the help of different associations such as the Clinton Foundation, Comproagro and the Promotora de Comercio Social, the retailer promotes and generates opportunities for small and medium producers to aid their growth and development.

Grupo Éxito buys fruits and vegetables directly from 23 of Colombia’s 32 departments, including 37 per cent from the central zone, 25 per cent in Antioquia, 24 per cent in Valle del Cauca and Eje Cafetero, 13 per cent in the Atlantic Coast and 1 per cent in Santander and Norte de Santander.


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