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Camposol and Dole China promote avocados

Shipments of Peruvian avocados up 58 per cent on last year as consumer awareness increases

Camposol and Dole China promote avocados

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Camposol has teamed up with Dole China to launch a wide-reaching promotion of Peruvian Hass avocados in the People’s Republic.

In-store tastings have been run at more than 80 supermarkets across 26 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Participating stores include Sam's Club, Olé Life-style, and Carrefour.

The marketing activity appears to be working. With four weeks of the 2018 season left to run, total Peruvian avocado exports to China have reached 10,900 tonnes, a 58 per cent rise on last year’s total figure of 6,900 tonnes.

“The fruit is becoming gradually a mainstream item,” Camposol said in a release. “In the past, consumers might experience the problem of having to wait several days, after purchasing, for the fruits to ripen and be ready for consumption, or being unable to consume quickly enough once the fruits inside the box ripened.

“To overcome this inconvenience to the consumers, Camposol is packing into the same box avocados of different degrees of ripeness. Dole Food Company's fruit ripening technology contributes significantly to this solution.”

Camposol is the largest exporter of Peruvian avocados to China, controlling around 21 per cent of the trade. The company has long seen potential to service the Chinese market and has recently set up a subsidiary in Shanghai.

“Through a close collaboration with Dole, each company brings its greatest strengths to face the complex Chinese market,” the Camposol release added.

“The two companies are going to work even more closely in different areas, from packaging, marketing, distribution and to major account sales. They would enlist the support of major supermarkets in China to aggressively promote avocados.”


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