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Orri Jaffa sets sights on US

Israeli easy-peeler Orri Jaffa is set to see a 70 per cent sales growth in North American markets this year

Orri Jaffa sets sights on US

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The Plant Production and Marketing Board of Israel predicts that 2019 will see significant increase in exports of the Israeli Orri Jaffa mandarin to the US and Canada.

Data from studies conducted in recent years confirm a doubling of per-capita US consumption of easy-to-peel mandarins in the past two decades. This coincides to a significant increase in the intake of easy-peelers in the American market, mainly in place of traditional oranges, the Israeli marketing board said.

“The US market for easy-to-peel mandarins is substantial and holds promise as a developing target market for Israeli citrus exports,” said Tal Amit, director of the citrus division in the Plant Production and Marketing Board of Israel. “The success of easy-peeler mandarins in particular can be easily credited to the fruit’s great flavor and unbeatable convenience.”

Over the past five seasons, citrus exports from Israel to North America have increased from 3,000 tonnes to 9,000 tonnes last season, of which about 5,300 tonnes are easy-to-peel mandarins. This season, export of Orri Jaffa mandarin alone is expected to reach 9,000 tonnes, constituting a potential 70 per cent growth, Amit said.

In spite of this significant rise in consumption of the mandarins in the US, consumption per capita is among the lowest in the world, about 2.5 kg per year. But based on the rapidly increasing demand, that figure is forecast to double. In Canada that figure is almost doubled exceeding 4.6 kg per capita, the board said.

Developed by scientists at the Israeli Volcani Research Center, the easy-to-peel Jaffa Orri mandarin boasts a sweet and juicy flavour, while bearing virtually no seeds. It also carries a particularly long shelf life and appears later in the season compared to other easy peelers – from January into May.

Orri Jaffa mandarin is exported to 45 countries worldwide. Most of the yield is exported to Europe (78 per cent). The most prominent outlets in Europe of the popular fruit are: France (39 per cent), the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Russia (7 per cent each). About 18 per cent of the fruit is shipped to North America, and 4 per cent to Asia Pacific.

The Plant Production and Marketing Board of Israel was established in 2004 to assist farmers in advancing their agricultural missions. The board promotes the Jaffa brand and other registered citrus industry brands. 

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