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Carl Collen


Friday 12th July 2019, 06:23 Central Time

R4 cherry estimate down for US Northwest

Crop "has continued to shrink in volume", according to Northwest Cherry Growers

R4 cherry estimate down for US Northwest

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The round 4 (R4) crop estimate has been released by Northwest Cherry Growers, with the industry field estimation team submitting its final look at thes years volumes.

As a result, the round 4 estimate projects the 2019 crop to packout at 22.1m 20lb-equivalent boxes, down on the first round estimate of 24.9m cartons.

"Throughout this season, growers have continued to to see fewer cherries than expected come out of northwest orchards, with many growers seeing as much as 20 per cent reduction in their pre-season estimate of fruit," Northwest Cherry Growers stated.

Some 32 days into the season, the industry had shipped just over 13.7m boxes.


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