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Carl Collen


Honduran exports unaffected by coup

Fresh produce trade has continued as normal following the ousting of the Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya

Honduran exports unaffected by coup

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The military coup that took place in Honduras this weekend has had no visible affect on fresh produce exports, with shipments of baby vegetables, bananas, eggplant and other tropical produce continuing as normal.

Ashraf Zaki, market news reporter for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), told The Packer that there had been no major issues for US importers following the ousting of president Manuel Zelaya.

Meanwhile, Liliana Sanchez, spokeswoman for the Honduran Foundation for Investment and Export Development, said that the business community was operating normally within the Central American country.

US imports of Honduran agricultural products totalled US$367m in 2007, with bananas accounting for US$136m of the total and melons coming in at over US$20m.

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