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Gill McShane


Argentinean organics on the rise

Exports of organic food products, including fruits and vegetables, rose by 29 per cent during 2007

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Argentina has recorded a 28.65 per cent increase in organic food exports, including meat, cereals and fresh produce, to some 122,287 tonnes last year, according to figures released by Senasa.

Organic cereal and fresh produce exports rose by 28.7 per cent to 118,893 tonnes in 2007, with the majority of volumes destined for the EU (which received 88,653 tonnes), the US (16,659 tonnes) and Switzerland (2,756 tonnes).

Within that total, organic asparagus shipments rose by 226 per cent to 102 tonnes, organic apples by 86 per cent to 8,641 tonnes, organic pumpkin by 68 per cent to 780 tonnes and organic pears by 34 per cent to 5,599 tonnes.

In total, the EU received 32,289 tonnes of organic fruit from Argentina in 2007 and 9,950 tonnes of vegetables.

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