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Tuesday 8th February 2011, 05:52 Central Time

Dole Europe highlights sustainability

The fresh produce giant has launched a new information campaign to convince consumers of the sustainability of its practices

Dole Europe highlights sustainability

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Dole Europe has launched a web-based information campaign to keep both consumers and the trade informed on its sustainability practices in pineapple production in Costa Rica.

Those purchasing Dole products in Europe will be informed on the label to visit to learn more about the company's best practices.

Several initiatives will be presented on a rolling basis throughout 2011, according to the company.

The first aim of the campaign is to demonstrate, through the use of videos and photos, that pineapple farming at Dole is compatible with forest conservation and the protection of biodiversity.

Sylvain Cuperlier, Dole's vice president of worldwide corporate responsibility & sustainability, commented: "Some recent reports have drawn increased consumer attention regarding sustainability in pineapple production, particularly in Costa Rica. At Dole, we want to be fully transparent regarding our practices. This new initiative contributes to strengthen consumer confidence regarding the way we grow pineapples at Dole.”

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