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Californian asparagus season underway

Promotable quantities will be available for traditional Easter and Mother's Day features

Californian asparagus season underway

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The Californian Asparagus Commission has announced that crop harvesting is well underway in the state's key production areas, with growers upbeat over the quality of this year's offering.

"The asparagus have greatly benefited from the extra time in the beds," explained Clark Mizuno, president of Tracy-based Mizuno Farms. "We are currently packing some of the sweetest asparagus we've seen in years."

Cherie Watte, executive director of the California Asparagus Commission, noted that she was anticipating promotable quantities for the traditional Easter and Mother's Day features, with a selection of sizes on offer – from pencil thin, to large, to jumbo varieties.

"Given the late start for the harvest and the continued cooperation of Mother Nature, we should be able to continue to ship fine quality Californian asparagus well into June," Ms Watte added.

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