South Koreans go organic

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South Koreans go organic

Demand for organic fruit and vegetables in South Korea is growing on the back of rising disposable income and changing consumer perceptions, a new study reveals

South Koreans go organic

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Demand for organic fruits and vegetables is on the up in South Korea as wealthier consumers catch on to the perceived benefits of organic foods, according to a new report.

Rising per capita income and growing health awareness are the key factors behind strengthening demand for organic foods in recent years, a study South Korean Food and Drinks Market: Emerging Opportunities by research body RNCOS has revealed.

Besides health concerns, South Korean consumers are willing to pay extra for good taste, the report said.

South Korea’s organic food market is expected to accelerate at a CAGR of around 23 per cent till 2010, a RNCOS analyst said.

“Food consumption trends indicate that South Koreans are moving away from their traditional diet towards a more western style. They are opting for high value and quality food products as they are becoming more health conscious and now prefer food with an organic label on it,” RNCOS said in a press release.

RNCOS, incorporated in the year 2002, is an industry research firm.



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