South American additions for Purfresh

For fresh fruit and vegetable marketing and distribution in Asia
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South American additions for Purfresh

Increased global adoption of group's active atmosphere technology sees Colombian and Ecuadorean expansion

South American additions for Purfresh

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Active atmosphere specialist Purfresh has announced that Colombian group Integrated Cool Services and Express Cargo Line from Ecuador are now authorised to market and sell Purfresh technology.

According to Purfresh, the two new partnerships will allow it to continue to expand the availability of its active atmosphere technology, and provide the fresh produce industry throughout Colombia and Ecuador with the latest technology for protecting the quality of fresh produce during ocean transit.

"Shipping fresh produce around the world is a growing market, and both importers and exporters need to know their shipments will arrive fresh and safe," said Andres Kuklinski, general manager of Integrated Cool Services. "With Purfresh, our customers are able to deliver higher-quality produce, reduce losses, and expand their business opportunities by reaching broader foreign markets."

And Purfresh partner Juan Carlos Dager, general manager for Express Cargo Line in Ecuador added: "In tropical regions, post-harvest decay is our biggest enemy and excessive use of chemicals isn’t the answer. With Purfresh, we have experienced a significant reduction in mould in our shipments — even on the longest trade routes. The science, combined with the simple logistics, puts Purfresh in a class by itself."

Express Cargo Line and Integrated Cool Services join Purfresh’s worldwide network of partners including Agencias Unidas S.R.L. in Costa Rica, Agroasa in the Dominican Republic, Coopersmith (SCSA) in the US, Dachser in Brazil, Gateway Marine Services in Kenya, Interfresh Cargo in Argentina, Pentz in South Africa, Sabando in Ecuador and Peru and Transcargo in Uruguay.

"Demand for our Purfresh technology in central and South America continues to accelerate," said Brian Westcott, president and CEO of Purfresh. "Colombia and Ecuador are tremendous growth markets with significant opportunities for Purfresh and our new partners – Integrated Cools Services and Express Cargo Line – and we look forward to growing our businesses together."

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