Fresh-cut stonefruit on the horizon

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Fresh-cut stonefruit on the horizon

After seven years of research by Fruit Dynamics, the new Woot Froot line of pre-cut stonefruit will be rolled out by Fresh Cut Fruits this year

Fresh-cut stonefruit on the horizon

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The absence of stonefruit from the fresh-cut section of retail shelves will soon be addressed in the US, with the launch of a new line of pre-cut fruit from Fresh Fruit Cuts.

The group is introducing Woot Froot, a line of carefully selected and processed fresh peaches and nectarines that will be available for retailers and foodservice companies alike through October – a landmark moment for fruit that has been missing from the value-added category because of the difficulties associated with processing and packaging.

“Woot Froot pairs the great taste of fresh nectarines and peaches – one of America’s top-ten fruits – with the ease and convenience of fresh cut and the added benefit of consistent quality and flavour,” said Kim Gaarde of Fresh Fruit Cuts.

Gaarde has worked to research and develop the idea of fresh-cut stonefruit through her company Fruit Dynamics over a seven-year time frame, developing the proprietary process for selecting, processing and packaging the pre-cut peaches and nectarines.

She noted that she was proud to be a part of the team building new value for stonefruit growers and enhancing consumers’ access to value-added stonefruit that is both healthy and convenient, adding that the products will deliver a 15-day shelf life.

Gaarde also explained that only certain varieties of peaches and nectarines will make the Woot Froot cut, with Fruit Dynamics testing more than 500 varieties before finding the select few that provided the desired taste and texture.

“Three out of five consumers prefer to purchase ripe fruit,” Gaarde said, “but two out of five don’t know how to go about it. Woot Froot takes the guesswork out of purchasing stonefruit, a category that is loved by Americans, but has been relatively flat for the past several years. We aim to change that and add a little excitement.”

Fresh Cut Fruits will make Woot Froot available through October this year and is preparing for year-round availability in 2014 and beyond, the group said.

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