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Indonesia reopens to Dutch onions

Netherlands government suggests trade could be worth over €30m (US$40m) per annum

Indonesia reopens to Dutch onions

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The Netherlands could export up to 100,000 tonnes of onions to Indonesia next year, according to a report released by the Dutch government.

Onion shipments from the European nation to Indonesia are expected to resume in 2014, following successful phytosanitary negotiations between the two countries last week.

Dutch Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma said growing consumer demand for onions in Indonesia presented the Dutch industry with a significant opportunity, with the value of trade likely to exceed €30m (US$40m).

“Market access is of vital importance for both countries,” Dijksma said.“For Indonesia, the Netherlands serves as a point of access to European markets for all essential agricultural commodities, while the onion is a very important product for Indonesia as it is one of the main ingredients in many Indonesian dishes.

“The fact that we can once again export onions to Indonesia is a real victory for our businesses and our economy.”

Indonesia closed its doors to Dutch onion exports last year as it tightened its phytosanitary legislation, citing the need to prevent the spread and transmission of insects and moulds harmful to plants. 

The Netherlands government claims the issue has “now been resolved” but Inge Ribbens of leading Dutch fruit and vegetable trade association Frugi Venta believed the deal remains tentative.

“All details of the agreement are not yet known, but it looks like they are in agreement on the main points (entry of onions) is possible again,” Ribbens said. “Many points still have to be finalised.”

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