Japan welcomes Pakistani mangoes

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Japan welcomes Pakistani mangoes

Official ceremony held to mark initial shipment, after Japan accepts vapour heat treatment

Japan welcomes Pakistani mangoes

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The Aeon Group has helped facilitate the first shipment of Pakistani mangoes to the Japanese market.

A consignment of around 6 tonnes arrived in the Asian nation earlier this week, according to Pakistani newspaper the International Times.

It followed a decision by Japanese quarantine officials to lift a ban on Pakistani mangoes earlier this year, providing all incoming fruit undergoes vapour heat treatment (VHT).

The Times reported the treatment was completed in a VHT plant given to the Pakistani government by Japan. The plant is not equipped to handle large-scale volumes, according to the Times.

Pakistani exporter Fauji Foundation orchestrated the deal with the support of Aeon Group, Japan’s largest retailer. The inaugural shipment was welcomed with an official ceremony, with a number of senior Aeon officials and Pakistan’s Ambassador to Japan, Farukh Amil, in attendance.


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