Australia and Israel to aid India's green revolution

For fresh fruit and vegetable marketing and distribution in Asia
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Australia and Israel to aid India's green revolution

An agricultural agreement between Israel, India and Australia will provide best green practices and technology to India

Australia and Israel to aid India's green revolution

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A tri-lateral agreement between India, Israel and Australia has been launched in order to share best practices for environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

The non-governmental project called ‘Creating a Second Green Revolution in India,’ was announced by former Israeli president Shimon Peres on Friday and will involved collaboration between the Australia Pratt Institute, the Indian Ananta Centre and the Israeli Tel Aviv University and the Peres Centre of Peace, according to the Business Standard.

The project aims to introduce advanced technologies to India in order to improve its agricultural sector and water management, working with companies in Israel and Australia to offer more efficient technology and practices to Indian farmers.

“Israel’s lack of natural resources, including water and land, forced us to base our development on the only resource that we had – the human resource. Like Israel, India is also lacking clean water and land, but like Israel, not…the human resource,” Peres told the Business Standard, adding that Israel was a world leader in advanced agricultural and water solutions.

The agreement with Australia builds on several centres of excellence in agricultural technology established by India and Israel to improve agricultural productivity across India.

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