Early start for BC blueberries

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Early start for BC blueberries

The Canadian blueberry season is looking at an early start, with the British Colombian-grown berries to be harvested from 20 June

Early start for BC blueberries

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The Canadian province of British Colombia (BC) is looking at one of its earliest crops, with harvesting to commence as soon as 20 June, according to the British Colombian Blueberry Council.

The BC-grown crop usually hits the market around 5 July, but an unseasonably warm winter has pushed forward the harvest date.

Jason Smith, chairman of the BC Blueberry Council, told the Vancouver Sun that an increase in varieties being grown in the region has helped to spread the season out.

“Growers are trying to push the boundaries in the early season moreso than in the later season,” Smith said. “It could go easily from mid-June to at least the end of September, depending on Mother Nature … It’s really good for consumers because they have the opportunity to get fresh local BC blueberries for a longer period of time.”





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