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T&G unveils new kiwifruit programme

New Zealand headquartered company aims to carve foothold for Italian kiwifruit in Australia

T&G unveils new kiwifruit programme

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T&G has launched a new flavour programme aimed at increasing awareness and consumption of Italian kiwifruit in Australia.

Italian imports have traditionally been used to bridge a supply gap between the New Zealand and Australian seasons; often losing out to other offerings such as Australian-grown cherries and stonefruit.

Mark Romeo, T&G’s global commercial manager-Australia, said the flavour programme will look to establish the company’s Italian-grown kiwifruit as an outright contender in a very competitive market.

“We have strong relationships with our growers in Italy as well as key personnel on the ground so we are looking at a more collaborative approach for our programmes which will ultimately increase sales in Australia,” Romeo explained.

“T&G have extensive quality programmes in place as well as the development of our proprietary varieties Enza Gold and Enza Red. Couple that with innovative packaging formats and it’s a great consumer product offering.”

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