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Thursday 21st April 2016, 16:33 Hong Kong

Limex rebrands as SiCar Farms

Company says new brand better represents its growth and vertical integration

Limex rebrands as SiCar Farms

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Limex SiCar is now operating under the new name and brand SiCar Farms to better reflect its diverse product portfolio and vertically integrated structure. 

The company, whose product line has grown steadily over the past three decades, said the rebranding is a more accurate reflection of what the operation has become.

“SiCar Farms is a vertically integrated grower-shipper marketing mostly our own products,” said Dan Edmeier, vice president of sales.

“We wanted to establish uniformity in our marketing strategy which more accurately reflects everything we do from planting, harvesting, food safety, sales and distribution and everything in between.”

The Limex SiCar label will continue to be used for limes but other commodities grown and handled by SiCar will be marketed under the SiCar Farms label. In addition to limes and lemons, SiCar Farms also grows and markets greenhouse tomatoes, mangoes, pineapples, coconuts, papayas, as well as having an organic offering.

“Our product expansion of these additional items was the result of numerous requests by our retail customers,” said Edmeier.

“Our farms in Mexico started growing these products on land we own. One of the most frustrating things for a buyer is to be forced to change their supplier midstream, so we can now provide our customers with greater supply year-round.”

Prior to the rebranding, SiCar’s farms in Mexico operated under a different name but from now on they will all operate under the SiCar Farms name.

“If you go to the farm you’re going to see SiCar Farms on the sign,” Edmeier continued. “If you see our tomatoes in transit, the box will say SiCar Farms. We want to establish greater brand consistency throughout the growing, packing, shipping and marketing of the products we handle.”

He added that the new brand better identifies the mission of the company. “We are the grower. In the current environment, retailers are looking to get closer to the grower. We fit that bill as a service-oriented growing operation. Many buyers know us from the lime trade and we’re pleased to offer them other items from our farms as well,” Edmeier said.

SiCar Farms is headquartered in the state of Colima in Mexico and operates a marketing and distribution facility in Texas. The vertically integrated company controls the entire production chain from production to harvest and packing to distribution and delivery.

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