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Indonesia to grow fruit and floral business by US$9bn

Increasing promotions, boosting local consumption and expanding plantations are on the radar for the Indonesian government

Indonesia to grow fruit and floral business by US$9bn

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The Indonesia Agriculture Minister has set a goal to increase the value of the country’s fruit and flower farming by Rp120 trillion (US$9bn), reports the Jakarta Post.

The government is planning to increase promotions, improve plantations and boost local consumption of fruit, with an additional 400,000ha of land in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi to be provided for fruit production, in cooperation with state-own companies.

The government is also eyeing an increase in Indonesia’s fruit exports, with business matching, conference and export workshops to take place during the ‘Fruits and Flowers International Festival’ in West Java from 17-20 November.

“Our fruit exports continue to increase on top of meeting our local demand,” Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman told the Post, adding that Indonesia’s fruit exports grew 30 per cent from $28.9m in 2014 to $37m in 2015.

Indonesia’s major fruit exports include bananas, oranges, mangoes and papayas and apples, exported t the US, the UAE, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Spain and the Netherlands.

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