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Aussie pears enticing Indonesians

A consumer study by Colmar Brunton has found Indonesian pear consumers are taking to new Australian blushed pears Deliza and Lanya

Aussie pears enticing Indonesians

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Crisp and sweet is in among Indonesian pear consumers, though firmness is the winning driver to purchasing Australian pears.

That’s according to a recent consumer study by Australian market research company Colmar Brunton on behalf of the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources (DEDJTR), which ran consumers tastings in Indonesia earlier this year to research responses to two new blushed pears, Lanya and Deliza.

Consumers were offered tastings of the Lanya and Deliza pears, as well as Packham pears to represent the variety similar to that already in the Indonesian market.

Research director Denise Hamblin told Fruitnet that the results were overwhelming positive, with consumers responding well when asked if they would purchase Australia-grown fruit, with 100 per cent answering definitely or probably.

“When we tested the Lanya and Deliza pears, we found that both were well-liked compared to our benchmark Packham-style pears, but that the Lanya was preferred, with the softer samples of Delize not as well liked,” Hamblin said.

“While all of the consumers we spoke to already consumed pears and were familiar with a Packham-style of pear, there was a significant preference for the Deliza and Lanya.

“Therefore, if we go into that market with these pears, we should see a good uptake.”

Indonesia is one of Australia’s leading pear export markets, with Australia pear exports growing 40 per cent in volume year-to-date as of June.

Further research found that Australian pears were likely to be consumed at lunch, mid-afternoon and after dinner for dessert, most likely with other fruit jelly or dairy products such as ice cream, Hamblin added.

“Over three-quarters of consumers indicated that they would like to purchase Australian pears in an individual, loose format; but pre-packaged bags trays and boxes also had appeal,” Hamblin said.

The research was commissioned by DEDJTR, grower-owned body Horticulture Innovation Australia, the Australian Department of Agriculture, Meat & Livestock Australia, and industry body Apple & Pear Australia.

Colmar Brunton is also looking to undertake similar consumer studies in Thailand, and has already undertaken similar research for summerfruit consumption in Indonesia and China.

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