South Korea’s fruit bowl deepens

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South Korea’s fruit bowl deepens

Production of tropical and sub tropical fresh produce on the rise in Asian nation

South Korea’s fruit bowl deepens

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Fresh fruit production in South Korea appears to be becoming more diversified, with global warming mooted as key factor.

Citing data from the Rural Development Administration (RDA), the Korea Times has reported the Asian nation now grows 14 kinds of tropical or subtropical fruit and vegetables, including mangos, gold kiwifruit, dragonfruit, papayas and avocados. The total planted area for these fruits has swelled from 30.4ha in 2001 to 336ha in 2016.

The RDA data indicated these plantations are predominantly located in the country’s southern coastal regions and on Jeju Island, where average annual temperatures are increasing as a result of global warming.

The RDA is now examining if weather conditions will allow for production of an additional 23 kinds of tropical crops, including longans and asparagus.


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