Peruvian producers mull raspberry potential

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Peruvian producers mull raspberry potential

The Agriculture Ministry is helping small producers in the north of the country to grow and export the popular berry

Peruvian producers mull raspberry potential

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A project to develop raspberry production for the export market in northern Peru is set to yield its first commercial crop in May 2017.

The scheme, supported by the agriculture ministry's Sierra y Selva Exportadora agency, has so far led to 200,000 plants being introduced in the provinces of Cajamarca, San Pablo, Celendín and San Marcos in areas between 2,200 and 3,750 metres above sea level.

The government is providing support to small producers through the provision of cheap credit through Agrobanco which also employs an agronomist to give free advice to growers on issues such as pest management.

According to the agency, there is huge potential to generate a profitable industry as the local terrain is particularly well suited to raspberry cultivation compared to other countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Customs data shows that Peru exported raspberries with a value of US$67,912 in 2015. Spain was the main destination, accounting for 57 per cent of exports, followed by the Netherlands (27 per cent), Germany (14 per cent), the UK (1 per cent) and France (0.15 per cent).

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