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Belgian Conference launches in India

The Belgian Conference pear is now available from leading retail outlets in India, thanks to the cooperation of Indian importer IG International and Belgium's BelOrta

Belgian Conference launches in India

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Indian fruit importer IG International has announced the launch of Belgian Conference pears in the country, in association with Belgian cooperative BelOrta.

The variety, which was launched by Indian actor Sonu Sood and celebrity chef Ranveer Brar, is now available from leading retailers throughout the country, The Economic Times reported.

“The fruit has a good shelf-life and can be stored over long periods of time,” IG International stated in a press release. “This pear has a unique shape with a long neck. It also has significant water content due to which it can be used as a great thirst quencher.”

The company also highlighted the pear’s versatility and suitability for children. “Apart from being seedless, one of the greatest advantages of the Belgian Conference pear is that it can be consumed at any stage of its ripening period,” the company said. “The Belgian Conference pear is also ideal for children since it has no core.”

“We are proud to welcome the Belgian Conference pear to India and add it to our burgeoning list of exotic fruit offerings in the country,” said IG International director Tarun Arora, who revealed that the Conference would be the most affordable exotic fruit in the country. “With a 20,000-tonne pear consumption market in India as per last year’s data, we hope the Indian consumer will love this delicious fruit for its taste as well as medicinal properties.”

Jo Lambrecht, commercial manager at BelOrta, added: “The Belgian Conference pear is one of the most popular European fruits at the moment. We are extremely confident of receiving a positive response for it from the massive Indian market.”

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