Stability "a good thing" for Florida citrus

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Stability "a good thing" for Florida citrus

USDA holds steady on 2016/17 Florida orange crop, while grapefruit forecast falls

Stability "a good thing" for Florida citrus

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The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has reported that the latest 2016/17 Florida orange crop estimate remained steady at 72m boxes.

The USDA said that Valencia oranges came to 36m boxes, as did Early and Mid-Season varieties.

"In these challenging times stability is a good thing so I am encouraged that the number held," said Michael Sparks, executive vice-president and CEO of Florida Citrus Mutual. "We have the best growers in the world and they continue to produce a quality crop even faced with immense disease pressure from HLB, or citrus greening."

The December report pegged the 2016/17 Florida grapefruit crop at 9.3m boxes, down 300,000 boxes, while the specialty citrus forecast is 1.5m boxes.

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