Japan's fruit consumption falls

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Japan's fruit consumption falls

Japan's consumption of imported fruit has dropped during November as prices went up

Japan's fruit consumption falls

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Japan’s consumption of imported fresh fruit during the month of November 2016 was down, while prices were up, according to data from Japan’s Ministry of Finance.

The quantity of fruit consumed per household was at its lowest, while the purchasing price at its highest and the expenditure per product at its second highest since November 2003.

Banana consumption remained on par with previous years at 1.49kg per household, according to Jack Moriya, president of leading Japanese trader Tokyo Seika, while banana prices were at its third highest for the month, and expenditure at its second highest at ¥355.

For kiwifruit, which has been growing in consumption, both quantity consumed and expenditure were at its highest at 128g and ¥87, respectively.

For table grapes, expenditure was at its second highest for November, at ¥96, and consumption at its second highest at 0.09kg per household.




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