Prices rise in Japan over August

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Prices rise in Japan over August

Fresh fruit purchasing prices near 13-year high but kiwifruit continues to find favour

Prices rise in Japan over August

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Japanese fruit consumption almost hit a 13 year low for the month of August in 2017, while purchasing prices (per kg) were the second highest over the same time period.

Figures from Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications revealed an average household consumption rate of 6.86kg of fresh fruit over August 2017, marginally ahead of 6.78kg in August 2015, the lowest volume for the month since 2005. Average consumption volumes per household have been the lowest or second lowest in all bar one month of 2017 to date.

A correlation between lower consumption and higher prices can be drawn considering the average purchasing price for fresh fruit was ¥‎558 per kg for August 2017, the second highest August rate since 2005.

The average purchasing prices for kiwifruit (¥857) and grapes (¥1,301) were the highest over August for 13 years, while grapefruit (¥293) and oranges (¥433) were the second highest.

For the seventh time this year, monthly grapefruit consumption fell to a new low, with the average household eating 0.10kg of the fruit, down from 0.13kg in August 2016. Grape consumption also fell to a new low for the month at 0.50kg per household, while kiwifruit consumption was at its second highest level of 198g per household.

Orange (0.11kg) and banana (1.52kg) consumption rates were relatively in-line with 15 year averages over August.



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