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Peru invests in export growth

Government to fund new Senasa projects to eradicate fruit fly and improve food safety

Peru invests in export growth

Jose Manuel Hernández

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Peru’s agriculture minister has announced a multimillion-dollar investment package to allow national agrarian health service Senasa to carry out key projects to boost the country’s agri exports.

The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, José Manuel Hernández, said US$22.5m would be invested over the next five years to fund three projects, aimed at eradicating fruit fly and swine fever and improving food safety.

“As part of the fulfilment of the Bicentennial Plan of Peru to 2021, we wish to strengthen and position the leadership of Senasa nationally and internationally,” Hernández said during a recent meeting with leaders of Peru’s export and producer guilds.

He added that Senasa exists to serve both large-scale and small producers, as well as exporters and rural families and plays a vital role in Peru’s goal of doubling agricultural exports to US$10bn by 2021.


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