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The Fresh Connection teams up with Dubacano

New joint venture focused on taking Mexican fresh produce to the world

The Fresh Connection teams up with Dubacano

(l-r): Juan José Gallardo, Hank Miller and Javier Gallar

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California-based The Fresh Connection has joined forces with leading Mexican supplier Dubacano to create a joint venture company.

Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, the new entity will trade under the name DubaFresh.

Working directly with Mexican growers, packers, and shippers, DubaFresh will service The Fresh Connection’s existing international customer base, helping the Central American nation diversify its export interests.

“Given the uncertainties with the US and Mexico on economic and trade policies as well as cross border relations, many [Mexican] growers are looking to build opportunities outside of the US,” says Will Mehrten, president of The Fresh Connection.

Mehrten will manage DubaFresh’s sales team alongside Mario Gallardo of Dubacano. The team will be led by Adrian Vasquez.

Mehrten said Mexican-grown commodities like avocados, berries, mangos, grapes, and vegetables were well suited to The Fresh Connection’s customer base.

“Having a partner like Dubacano who has decades of relationships with growers as well as wholesale operations in Guadalajara and Mexico City means we are able to quickly plug in our world class customer base immediately with growers that have long standing relationships with Dubacano,” Mehrten added.

“We are proud to have Dubacano as partners and look forward to an incredible future together.”

Javier Gallardo of Dubacano said it was a significant step in the development of his company and the Mexican fruit and vegetable export trade.

 “We are confident that this new partnership with The Fresh Connection will not only expand the doors of Mexico to the world, it will also be an opportunity to contribute our work to the industry and to consumers around the world,” Gallardo said.

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