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Autogrow launches cloud application

New innovation allows growers to monitor and manage their crops remotely

Autogrow launches cloud application

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The world of indoor agriculture has just become more mobile, thanks to the launch of the IntelliGrow application.

Autogrow, the app’s New Zealand-headquartered developer, claims the technology gives producers access to grow their crops anywhere and on any operating system, with access available via any mobile device.

“With our growers now in 40 countries; our new IntelliGrow application can seamlessly support their crop production via the cloud, giving them the ability to access their Intelli controllers, change and set new data points and monitor and manage their crops,” said Autogrow CEO Darryn Keiller.

IntelliGrow’s application programming interface (API) is what allows it to control devices remotely. The interface was created for Autogrow’s IntelliDose and IntelliClimate control systems.

“Our IntelliGrow utilises an open API which means it can integrate with any third-party systems including lighting, HVAC, sensors and machine vision systems,” explains Autogrow’s chief technology officer Jeffrey Law.

“We have also ensured enterprise level data security of our cloud platform for peace of mind. We have had a great core group of growers as beta testers, so we have designed IntelliGrow with growers, and for growers.”

Alongside real-time data, IntelliGrow also captures historical data, enabling data driven decision-making. 

Current language features on the user interface have also been enabled for English and Chinese, with Spanish and Arabic rolling out over the next few months. 

“Growers have historically been tethered to their growing operations and we're now removing the need to be physically present onsite,” Keiller added. “Not only that, we're empowering them with real-time data, so they're more informed, more agile to changes in their growing environment, enabling better crop management and more profitable operations.”

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