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Jingold's red kiwifruit signals further innovation

Company says it will continue to launch new types of kiwifruit in order to provide consumers with new and exciting products

Jingold's red kiwifruit signals further innovation

Jingold's new red variety was launched in late 2017

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Italian kiwifruit marketer Jingold says it will continue to launch new products in the near future after claiming what it says is a world-first with the launch of a premium-quality red-fleshed variety.

The company, which unveiled its new Oriental Red variety at the Fico Italy World agrifood centre in Bologna late last year, said it expected the product to meet growing consumer demand for new and exciting flavours.

According to Jingold director Alessandro Fornari, Oriental Red offers more sweetness than the traditional green variety Hayward, as well as a tropical aftertaste that will appeal to younger generations of consumer.

“We believe strongly in the work we’ve done in the past few years, which has allowed us to become the first company in the world to present at least three different, high-quality [kiwifruit] varieties to the market under a single brand,” he commented.

“We think we are on the right path, but our work is only just beginning and we plan to present other innovations soon.”

Jingold has also created a new triple pack featuring Oriental Red alongside its green and yellow branded kiwifruit varieties, allowing shoppers to try out all three types and decide which they prefer.

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