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Sliced mushroom recall in Australia

Despite no reported incidents, packaged sliced mushrooms have been recalled following risk of foreign objects

Sliced mushroom recall in Australia

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Australian listed company, Costa Group, have recalled their packaged sliced brown and white mushrooms after discovering damage to rollers on a packaging line.

The damaged rollers have given way to potential for pieces of large white plastic to be found in packaged mushrooms. Costa Group says there have been no reported incidents, but have conducted a recall and withdrawn products from shelves.

In a statement on their website, the company said “while the probability of consumer impact is extremely low, and the large pieces of white inert plastic would be highly visible, consumers who have not used the sliced mushrooms are advised to return the product to the store of purchase to receive a full refund.”

Woolworths brand, Coles brand, Karidale (Aldi), and Costa Mushrooms branded mushrooms in packaged punnets are all part of the recall. Sliced mushrooms sold in bags are reportedly unaffected.

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