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China’s increasing appetite for avocado

The Chilean avocado industry has seen success exporting avocados to China as the product gains popularity

China’s increasing appetite for avocado

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Chilean growers have been energetic in promoting avocado to an unfamiliar Chinese market, said Chinese state-run news outlet Xinhua.

Avocado exports to China began three years ago, and in the latest season from July-April, 14,860 tonnes of avocado were sold in China, up from 3,970 tonnes the previous year.

“Chile has done a tremendous job in terms of education,” said Francisco Contardo, general manager of Chile's Hass Palta Committee, noting that the committee and Chile's national export promotion agency ProChile have joined hands to promote the fruit.

He added that while positive, consumer education still has a long way to go. “There’s still a lot to learn about ... how to eat it, and what colour and condition the avocado should have when you're going to eat it.”

Chile's agriculture minister Antonio Walker said part of the success can be attributed to trust building which took place over 25 years ago in the form of a Chilean farm established in China.

“[This] generated a certain prestige and trust between the two countries, which not every Latin American country has,” Walker said.

Walker added that Chile’s further agricultural growth hinges on its ability to enter other markets in South-East Asia, China and India.

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