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Indonesia’s fruit exports jump 26 per cent

Mangosteen export figures for Indonesia increased five-fold when compared with the previous year

Indonesia’s fruit exports jump 26 per cent

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Overall horticultural exports from Indonesia increased by 11.92 per cent, up to US$355.7m in calendar year 2018.

The Jakarta Post reported that fresh fruit saw a sharp increase at 26.2 per cent higher in terms of value when compared to the previous year.

Mangoesteen saw the most dramatic growth at 500 per cent, and were among the 42 horticultural commodities exported to 12 countries including Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, China and Australia.

West Java was noted as the main production region, and most of these producers dealt through a local private agricultural exporter named PT Alamanda Sejati Utama.

Policy reform is said to be the driving factor for this growth, with 24-hour online licensing submission, and web-based business licensing capabilities launched last year.

The government also reportedly revoked 291 regulations which prevented the smooth flow of licensing.

Indonesia’s agriculture minister, Amran Sulaiman, said increasing agricultural exports was a key focus to improve farmer welfare and strengthen the economy.

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