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Tuesday 22nd January 2019, 13:53 Hong Kong

New direct shipping from Taiwan to China

The new shipping route cuts transit time from two to three days to just nine hours

New direct shipping from Taiwan to China

Han expects more high-quality Taiwanese fruit to be shipped to mainland China

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A direct seafreight route between Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and Pingtan, Fujian opened on 19 January. The new service will drastically shorten shipping times for fresh produce from the island to mainland markets.

The direct 330km journey will shorten the trip, which once took two to three days and stopped at a number of Taiwan’s other ports, to just nine hours.

The maiden voyage was made by Taiwan shipping trade agency, Wagon, on the afternoon of 19 January containing fresh fruit and vegetables among other frozen, processed and tech items to the value of US$2.2m coming in at over 700 tonnes.

China Daily and Xinhua reported that the well-timed first container was filled with goods purchased by companies in Pingtan to supply customers during Spring Festival celebrations.

The new direct route was spearheaded by Kaosiung major, Han Kuo-yu, who said during the election campaign that the city should no longer ignore the mainland market.

At the launch ceremony for the seafreight service, Han said he expected more high-quality products from Kaohsiung, including produce, to be shipped to mainland China.

One of the route’s first participants, a fruit trader from Pingtan named Zhou Binhua said he had purchased 40 tonnes of oranges to be sent as Taiwanese fruit sells well on the mainland.

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