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First Argentine cherries land in China

Santa Cruz cherries received in Guangzhou following signing of an export protocol in November last year

First Argentine cherries land in China

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The first shipment of cherries from Argentina’s Santa Cruz province landed in Guangzhou on Tuesday 12 March. The maiden voyage comes after export protocols were signed between Argentina and China in November 2018.

Ahora Calafate reported that following a complex logistical journey, the cherries were sold to the public in Guangzhou and open up a new potential market for Argentine exporters.

Federico Guerendain, commercial manager of the Cooperativa El Oasis said the cherries’ 31 January harvest date began a month-long journey, carefully managed to ensure quality.

During the trip, the fruit was monitored constantly to detect any temperature changes, ensuring it was stored between 0-2°C throughout the journey.

"The critical part is always when Ecuador passes, because you have to be very careful with the temperature,” said Guerendain.

The cherries were shipped in specialised bags which released carbon dioxide, preventing oxygen from entering, conserving the fruit.

Ahead of the fruit’s arrival in Guangzhou, Guerendain said he was biting his nails until the 12 March date, since all costs for the transfer were born by the producer.

A 5kg carton of the Argentine cherries sells for between US$55-$60.

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