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Sweeki harvest underway in Chile

Origine Groupís two Chilean members are forecasting increased volumes and good quality

Sweeki harvest underway in Chile

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Harvesting of Sweeki kiwifruit is underway in Chile according to Origine Group, with the first shipments due to be made in the next two week.

The two Chilean members of the group, David del Curto and Copefrut, are set to increase the volume of fruit marketed under the Sweeki Green brand this season, with both producers reporting a good crop predicted in terms of both quality and quantity.

Most of their output will be sent to the Asian market where it will overlap with the last remaining kiwifruit from Italy, whose shipments are drawing to a close.

 “We are going to sell nearly 2,000 tonnes of Italian kiwifruit on foreign markets, and we hope to reach the same result with the Chilean Sweeki,” said Alessandro Zampagna , managing director of Origine Group.

“In spite of another difficult year for Italian kiwifruit production, Sweeki is meeting a growing interest in the international markets, thanks to its high quality, the all-year-round presence, the service to the client and the promotion of the brand.

“The production of our Chilean members, David Del Curto and Copefrut, looks promising and will allow us to serve our clients as best as we can.”

Founded in 2015, the Origine Group consortium is made up of Italy’s Afe, Apofruit, Fruit C2, Gran Frutta Zani, Kiwi Uno, Op Kiwi Sole, Pempa-Corer, Salvi-Unacoa, Spreafico, Minguzzi and Chilean groups David  Del Curto and Copefrut. It has a combined turnover of more than US$1.2bn.


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