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Retail push for Kalei launch

With new branding, APAL aims to build consumer momentum around the branded variety

Retail push for Kalei launch

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Apple & Pear Australia (APAL) is investing in the retail approach when it comes to showcasing the latest season of Kalei, one of the emerging branded varieties to hit shelves this season.

Improved and updated branding and a new tagline will be showcased in 50 high consumer traffic Coles stores across South-East Queensland, where Rizzato and Sons and Nicoletti Orchards are focusing this season’s Kalei programme.

The bright colour, a confectionery look and feel to the brand elements and a new tagline ‘Apples never tasted so good’ have been developed to help Kalei take a more distinctive position in the market.

APAL said Kalei would take the role of a sweet, fun and youthful alternative for apple lovers looking to switch out traditional varieties.

It is not just consumers the Kalei variety is appealing to. The fruit has many characteristics that also make it an attractive prospect for growers. It is resistant to the problematic apple scab (blackspot), has a reputation for good storage and as a managed brand growers are able to trial the fruit in orchard without being subject to high production requirements.

However, one of its most notable benefits comes through APAL’s involvement, alongside the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, in developing and commercialising the Kalei brand.

APAL’s head of group brands, Craig Chester, said this has resulted in increasing momentum for growers in Australia and overseas.

“APAL has been able to take a lot of what we have learnt about successful fresh produce branding in overseas markets and apply that to the consumer facing elements of Kalei for the benefit of growers and partners here in Australia,” Chester explained.

“By keeping the tight control over the quality specification, injecting discipline around the use of branding and investing in dynamic retail programs like we’re about to see in Queensland, growers are able to enjoy a healthy premium price for Kalei.”

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