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Liam O'Callaghan


Wednesday 22nd May 2019, 10:15 Hong Kong

Organic apples on the move

With a new season underway, New Zealand organic apples make their way to the US

Organic apples on the move

(left to right) John Bostock, Jodi Carkner, David Brasell, Bostock New Zealand director checking out the new Dazzle apples during the New Zealand apple harvest

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The first shipments of new-season New Zealand organic apples are on their way to North America, straight from the Southern Hemisphere’s largest grower.

Bostock New Zealand is now directly selling organic apples to US and Canadian customers. John Bostock, owner of Bostock New Zealand, said the direct relationship comes with many advantages. “Through a direct grower/supply relationship the business can ensure excellent customer service and fresh, premium organic apples.” 

“Bostock New Zealand, which ships 85 per cent of New Zealand’s organic apples, has the size and scale that merits going direct to North America customers and we can now supply premium produce directly,” Bostock explained.

This season it’s sending the first samples of a new variety along with New Zealand Royal Gala, Fuji, Cripps Pink and Granny Smith.

Jodi Carkner, North America manager said it has been a strong apple growing season in New Zealand, ideal weather has provided perfect growing and harvesting conditions, so the fruit has coloured well and the company is very happy with the quality it is sending.

This season, Bostock New Zealand will have a consumer facing brand in US supermarkets. The company has also developed a new range of Bostock Apple packaging especially for US consumers.

This will eventually support Dazzle, a new branded variety which will be showcased at the Organic Produce Summit in July in California. Organic Dazzle will be available in 2020.

“The Dazzle apple is our newest apple which we think will do well in the US. It’s a large, red, sweet apple that looks really good,” Bostock said.

Bostock New Zealand has also set up an office in North America, to assist its direct approach and meet a growing desire for organic produce.

“The demand for organic produce is growing and US consumers want to have confidence that their organic apples have been grown sustainably in a clean environment. Being GMO free is a significant point of difference which Bostock New Zealand offers,” said Carkner. 


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